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132078 - Hexarmor 10-302 Cut Protection Glove XXXL

132078 - Hexarmor 10-302 Cut Protection Glove XXXL
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Prevent harmful cut and puncture injuries with Cut Protection products. Hexarmor cut Gloves will prevent cut and puncture injuries during a variety of kitchen tasks. Designed to significantly reduce the risk of cut injuries in the food service industry, Cut Protection products and especially Hexarmor Gloves are a simple investment in maintaining the safety of an establishment.
Model NXT 10-302
Type Ambidextrous and sold individually
Wrist Band Green
Cleaning Dishwasher
Brand Hexarmor
Model Number 132078
In Stock Yes
Product Description

NXT 10-302

NXT Series is the first product line to utilize the TruShield Performance, a ground breaking armor platform that obliterates current recognized industry standards for cut, puncture, and abrasion–resistance.
Developed for use in food service and processing applications and other off–hand cutting applications, the NXT 10–302 protects from mechanical hazards like no other product on the market.
The NXT–302 has the highest cut–resistance available. The quadstretch design technology gives incredible feel, particularly when compared to other bulky cut resistant gloves. Form fitting fingertips allow dexterity in a variety of cutting applications. The NXT–302 can easily be worn over or under latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Gloves are ambidextrous and Sold Individually.

Key Features

• Key injury areas guarded with ISEA Level 5 protection
• SuperFabric® brand material and Cortek™ fiber together provides 5 times the cut–resistance and 11 times the abrasion–resistance of traditional HDPE gloves
• Shielding design of the fibers and the SuperFabric plating reduces the ability of sharp objects to penetrate the glove and cause injury
• Innovative knife–slip protection
• Guard plates deflect knife tips away from user instead of snagging and pulling into hand
• TruShield™ performance platform lessens likelihood that knife blade or tip will contact user’s hand
• Cortek fiber keeps hands comfortable and cool while providing dexterity and all around cut protection
• Not bulky or rough like fiber–based gloves
• Ambidextrous, sold individually
• Can be easily sanitized or washed in dishwasher under normal laundering conditions
• Dries quickly when properly hung on DayMark Glove Station


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