1100721 - Monday - 25mm x 25mm Label DM

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DayMark DissolveMark™ Day of the Week Labels dissolve in any water temperature in less than 30 seconds and leave no adhesive residue. Reducing labour and time used removing adhesive residue from containers.

Ultimately saving you money 
FSA compliant for indirect food contact.
Prevents harmful bacteria growth. 
Great for reusable plastic and metal containers.

Working temperature Range :-
-40 degree F to 176 degree F 
-40 degree C to 80 degree C

Minimum Application Temp: -6 degree C
DisolveMark trilingual monday colour coded label features a white area for writing day coding information.
500 labels per roll.

Label measures:-
1 - inche length by 1 - inches width.
25mm Length by 25mm Width.

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