112106 - Shelf Life Day Option Food Label 51mm x 51mm DM

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DissolveMark Labels assist in safe food rotation through the use of an innovative Dissolve-A-Way adhesive. DissolveMark Labels will dissolve in any temperature of water in less than 30 seconds, leaving behind no adhesive residue to harbor harmful bacteria.
By eliminating the time spent scrubbing labels and adhesives off of containers, DissolveMark Labels also make a significant reduction in labour costs. DissolveMark Labels have a working temperature range of -40° F to 176° F and are FSA-compliant for indirect food contact.

DissolveMark Labels reduce your time spent scraping adhesive residue and damaging containers. DissolveMark Labels degrade 100 percent and does not block filters.


Prep Date, Time, am pm 
(Day Sticker Option) Shelf Life, Shifts, Fresh Daily
Expires Date, 4pm, Close

This label can be used in comination with 110037 series of labels 

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