115736 - DuraMark Ithaca and Matt85 Labels 55mm x 50mm Blank 1000 labels per roll

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The Ithaca 9700 Colour touchscreen label printer and the Matt 85 Printer save you money, cuts food waste, slashes labour costs and keeps your restaurant safer by reducing risk of food spoilage.

These DuraMark 55mm x 50mm day of the week (DOTW) thermal labels are perfect for everday use, they are designed to compliment the ithaca printer and the Matt 85 Printer and have a row of 7 colour day of the week squares. 

During the printing process the six days of the week that are not required are blanked out leaving only the correct day visible. 

DuraMark labels work on any surface and are suitable for disposable containers, can be used in a variety of applications, 

DuraMark working temperature:

Can be used in temperatures -40 degrees celsius and up to 71 degrees celsius

115736 rolls have 1000 labels per rolls and are sold in single rolls, a case contains 24 rolls 

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