Flexsil lid Gastronorm Silicon Clear lid 1/6 Sixth Pan

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Designed to reduce the use and waste of plastic film wrap and foil on gastronorms and steam pans in commercial kitchens, the Flexsil-lid is an environmentally friendly, time-saving option for day-to-day preparation in food service establishments around the world. The reusable lid is primarily designed for keeping food items fresher longer in steam pans when stored in fridges or cool rooms, but has multiple uses, including cooking and freezing.

Features & Benefits


  • The lid helps invariably keeps food fresher longer than using plastic film wrap. 
  • The lid will act as a seal and ensure a fresher outcome. 


  • Flexsil-lid can be used in any freezers to -40C (-40F) degrees & will not become dry and brittle!


  • Flexsil-lid can be used in ovens to 220C (428F) degrees for up to 2 hours.
  • It can also be used in a standard microwaves for up to 10 minutes.

Durable & Re-usable

  • Can be used 100's of times with no degradation.
  • It's flexible and will return to its original shape after being stretched under normal use.


  • It's reversible, with smooth edges so food remnants can be easily washed off.


  • Use a whiteboard marker to label and wipe the writing off with a moist cloth.


  • Stack your perishables with the lid affixed. Not Suitable for 1/1 or Full size pan.


  • Transport food without fear of spillage.

Easy to fit

  • You can fit it in Seconds.

Time and Energy Efficient

  • Reduces cooking time and thus save energy too.

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