Coffee Shop Barista Labels set of 7, Almond, Soya, Oat, Coconut, Hazelnut, Decaf, Syrup 7 x 1000 labels in handy dispenser

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Complete set of coffee shop labels ALMOND, SOYA, OAT, HAZELNUT, DECAF, COCONUT, SYRUP each roll contains 1000 labels-complete with a DISPENSER

We offer a variety of labels for identifying different coffee and milk options, perfect for both disposable takeaway cups and in-house coffee mugs.

With the increasing importance of dietary and allergy considerations in food establishments, our comprehensive range of coffee option labels ensures you can accurately communicate your offerings to your customers. Shows your commitment to being a credible and responsible food and beverage provider.

Our coffee shop options stickers are 20mm in diameter, our labels are large enough to detail the item clearly but not too large to take over your packaging.

In a busy coffee shop establishment you need to ensure your customer gets the drink they've ordered, our labels shows your attention to detail and avoids the risk of harmful inks being consumed by the customer from your barista simply writing on the lid or cup.

Each roll contains 1000 labels 


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