Professional precision piping bags with nozzles for cake writing and sauce dots PK 10 DMSLPB21CMPK10

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Precision piping bags and nozzles Pack 10. Perfect for piping writing on cakes or sauce dots. Perfect for a professional kitchen or home use. PK 10 piping bags & nozzles 

This small piping bag with extremely flexible firm-grip multi-layer film in combination with a resealable nozzle allows nearly everyone to write ‘calligraphy’ on cakes with fluid fillings.

The nozzle falls automatically into place and is therefore ready-made in a few seconds. The Sweetliner can be filled in advance, stored in the refrigerator and can be warmed up in the microwave or au bain-marie. The unique Sweetliner is patent pending. The Sweetliner is available in a 21 x 12 cm piping bag accompanied with a nozzle of 0,8 mm opening.

Unique innovation.
Same premium quality as the big piping bags.
Hygenic use.
Time saving.
User friendly.
Ordinary paper bags will get soggy over time, not the sweetliner.
When the chocolate inside the sweetliner hardens, it can be re-melted in the microwave.
Enables users to work ahead.
The opening of the nozzles is always the same size, consistent quality.
The nozzle can be re-closed with the blue cap.
Usable for different kind of smooth fillings.

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