CV19CBZ - 19mm Circle Half/Half DuraMark Clearview DISPENSER Kit all (7 days 1000 labels per roll).

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DayMark ClearView Dispenser and label solutions

Each dispenser comes complete with 7 rolls of Solid Monday to Sunday, each roll contains 1000 labels. The adhesive used on the label stickers are an aggressive adhesive that works on any surface, Ideal for disposable containers and can be used at Working Temp of -40º C to 71º C and will happily adhere to packaging at temperatures of -12º C

Good food safety procedures, requires ALL food operators to have "Identified" all possible HACCP risks and have implemented a documented effective control and monitoring procedure at ALL the critical points highlighted

DayMark labelling solutions can assist you in developing your systems and support you in your due diligence with the Clearview Label Dispenser.

19mm Full set of 7 day labels, all 7 days of the week, DOTW each roll contains 1000 labels with a permanent adhesive.

Each roll is individually wrapped for safety, the label is a Circle half and half  enabling you to write on the white half.

This pack contains 1 roll of Monday to Sunday each of Product code 1131991 - 7

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