CV19MM - 19mm Dissolvable Clearview Dayview Food Safety Labelling Kit

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DayMark ClearView Dispenser and label solutions

DissolveMark Dissolvable Labels assist in safe food rotation through the use of an innovative Dissolve-A-Way adhesive. DissolveMark Labels will dissolve in any temperature of water in less than 30 seconds, leaving behind no adhesive residue to harbour harmful bacteria.

By eliminating the time spent scrubbing labels and adhesives off of containers, these dissolvable Labels also make a significant reduction in labour costs.

Good food safety procedures, requires ALL food operators to have "Identified all possible HACCP risks and have implemented a documented effective control and monitoring procedure at ALL the critical points highlighted

DayMark labelling solutions can assist you in your developing your systems and support you in your due dilligence with the Clearview Label Dispenser.

DissolveMark Labels have a working temperature range of -40° C to 80° C, meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact and are 100% biodegradable.

Working temperature Range :-
-40 degree F to 176 degree F 
-40 degree C to 80 degree C

These dissolvable labels are trilingual, color coded labels that feature a white area for writing bespoke information. 

1000 labels per roll, 7 rolls per Pack Monday to Sunday 

Label measures:-
3/4" length by 3/4" width.
19mm Length by 19mm Width.

This pack contains 1 roll each of 1100371 - 7

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