Matt 85 Printer - 118762 - Natasha's Law solution & Food rotation solution for the professional kitchen

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This Printer/software enables you to hold all your products,  ingredients, menus, instructions, useby dates, thaw by dates etc within the Menu pilot software. Once programmed into the system you are then able to produce labels via a tablet, which automatically puts in useby dates, prices ingredients etc, making that process seamless and error free. Particularly important when in comes to the allergens and adhering to Natasha's Law. The Matt85 works in 3 places. Initially all the products need to be inputted into the Menupilot software via a computer. This information when complete is then Sync'd onto a tablet. The tablet operates the printer.

You can use your own tablet and download an app - or purchase one from us all programmed and ready to go. The tablet you would need is product code 118767

Key Information

* Perfect solution for labelling products both front of house and back of house. A variety of label sizes and adhesives are available.

* Personal online training included in the cost of the printer.

* Software included when purchasing the printer, (please note you do need to purchase Daymark labels going forward to input a unique barcode into the system every roll)

* Ongoing support * Free label design for use on the printer. This can include any fields within the software and a logo. (black and white)

* Thermal printer which requires NO ink replacement.

* 24 hour helpline 0800 085 2226 Make your professional kitchen efficient and compliant with the Matt 85 Printer. The printer and software enable you to store products, ingredients, instructions, useby/thaw by dates, and more in the Menupilot software. This data can then be transferred to a tablet and used to produce error-free labels, perfect for meeting food safety regulations, like Natasha's Law. Purchase a setup with everything you need for a fast and easy transition.

* Online chat function

* You can use your own tablet should you have one and download an app.

* Wifi not required to use the printer - the tablet and printer bluetooth together. (you will need wifi to do any main syncs when changes have been made to the main software. Eg you add another product.

* For multiple locations we have an announcement function for immediate communication to all tablet devices.

* Updates are securely and efficiently pulled in via the cloud

* Seamlessly integrates with the Nutritics and other solutions. Experience an easier, more efficient way of labeling with Matt 85 Printer's user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Print labels quickly with no ink replacement or installation required. Plus, you'll receive free personal online training and label design, as well as access to an online chat to get any questions answered. All these features make Matt 85 Printer the perfect choice for meeting food safety regulations.



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