9" Pizza Liners The Perfect Crust™ for perfect crispness and freshness, 250 x per case

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9″ Circle Embossed Pizza Liner - The Perfect Crust™

Our 9″ circular embossed Pizza Liner eliminates the “cardboard taste,” keeps pizza 7 to 8°C warmer upon delivery, uses less storage space, and stabilises pizza in the delivery box. They elevate, ventilate, and circulate, allowing steam to escape while absorbing grease and excess moisture, keeping pizza crust crispy and fresh.

It’s time for delivery pizzas to taste just as fresh and crispy as pizzas served straight out of the oven. The Perfect Crust™ Pizza Liner makes that possible by:

  • Allowing steam to escape while absorbing grease and excess moisture, which keeps pizza crust crispy and fresh
  • Eliminating the “cardboard taste” associated with pizza delivery boxes
  • Keeping pizza 7 to 8°C warmer upon delivery versus pizza placed on a cardboard surface
  • Using significantly less storage space compared to corrugated liners and circles
  • Stabilising pizza in the delivery box, allowing for easier handling and a more appealing presentation

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250 Sheets/Case

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